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PCG Product Review: Trimbag

trimbag cannabis trimming product review

Here at ProCannaGro, we take pride in keeping our clients informed about the latest in time-saving cultivation technology. From the vegetative cycle to the flowering cycle, to harvesting and beyond, we’ve got the right tools to help you. In our... View Article

PCG Product Review: DeBudder Edge

debudder edge review

In our previous blog, we reviewed the DeBudder Bucket Lid as it relates to small/mid-sized harvests. Let’s now take a look at one of The Original 420 Brand’s other great products: the DeBudder Edge. This product is aesthetically different from... View Article

What A Richer Garden Needs

farming supplies harvesting equipment

Many people start gardening as a hobby, just to kill time. But later on, they develop passion and intensity for nature’s work. If you have been doing gardening for some time now, then you might be aware of the fact... View Article