PCG Product Review: DeBudder Edge

In our previous blog, we reviewed the DeBudder Bucket Lid as it relates to small/mid-sized harvests. Let’s now take a look at one of The Original 420 Brand’s other great products: the DeBudder Edge. This product is aesthetically different from the Bucket Lid; instead of a curved body, the Edge is instead a rectangular shape that fits onto a variety of straight-edged containers and configurations.

Keep reading as we break down the DeBudder Edge, it’s features, and its effectiveness for various types of buds.

Using the DeBudder Edge

Getting the DeBudder Edge into operational mode takes a bit more preparation than the DeBudder Bucket Lid, which can fit snugly on a bucket and doesn’t necessarily require any fastening. Because the Edge can be attached to any straight-edged container, all it takes is a few well-placed screws into your vessel of choice, and you’re good to go! 

We tried it with a traditional heavy-duty plastic container, as seen in this DeBudder Edge instructional promo video. Working with a bulky harvest, we steadily went through pounds and pounds of cannabis in order to test out the effectiveness of the product. The ideal situation for the Edge and the Bucket Lid is when your cannabis is approximately 75% dry, but we decided to try it on both our wetter and drier nugs.

A Stellar Solution for the Harvest Cycle

After putting in some serious “shucking” time with our new toy, we can now safely say that the end results are tremendous. Compared to the amount of time, labor, and expenditure trimming by hand would have taken, it is no question that the DeBudder Edge is a most sensible solution to your harvest needs.

Whether it’s with wetter buds, or cannabis that has been drying on the rack for a while, the preserved end product is of excellent quality; maintaining the shape, flavor profile, and the delicate trichomes present on well-grown medicine. We even set up a few Edges in a row on our home-made storage containers, and watched as our workload exponentially diminished. 

Getting Ahead of the Game with DeBudder Edge

Experienced growers will tell you time and time again that their least favorite part of the entire process is, you guessed it: harvesting. Why deal with the pre-Harvest blues when you can rest assured that you have great DeBudder products at your side to help? 

Work smarter, not harder. This maxim may seem backwards, but when you’re only on your second ounce of cannabis (and you’ve been hand trimming all day), and you’re stressing about how long it seems like it will take to finish – grab yourself a DeBudder Edge and your stress will disappear while your beautiful buds pile up.

The DeBudder Edge is ideal for larger harvests and therefore larger containers. Although the Edge contains essentially the same style of grooves present in the Bucket Lid, we recommend using both products in tandem. If you’ve got the extra hands, we’ve found that the Bucket Lid/Edge combination is an unbeatable combo when it comes to fast and efficient trimming.

Stay tuned to the ProCannaGro blog for our review of the Trimbag, and for more pertinent information relating to modern cultivation and harvesting!