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    We know that the best growing and harvesting equipment deliver the best results. Our partnerships with top growing equipment brands such as Debudder, Speedee Trimmer and TrimBag are exactly what you need to take your cultivation, trimming and horticulture operation to the next level!

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Customer Reviews

  • Andrew, Debudder 5 Gallon
    This product is a HUGE time saver. I’m able to get 10 times the normal amount of work done with the debudder and it so was incredibly easy to use and snap onto the bucket. I 100% recommend!
  • JS, Debudder 5 Gallon
    I’ve been using my Lid for just over a year and I can’t even tell you how much time it saves my team and I. Everyone who joins our team and uses the lid immediately falls in love. 1 Million Stars!!
  • Breanne Leithmann, Debudder Edge
    Super sturdy and strong material, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works! 5 stars.
  • JS, Debudder Edge
    We use the edge and lid for all of our grows. We stand behind the quality of this products 100%. If you’re trying to optimize your grow operation process, be sure to order the Debudder!
  • Sam, Debudder Edge
    I am amazed with how well this little thing works! It is strong enough to strip all the stems but gentle enough to leave the flower in tact. A must have.

Cultivation is in our Nature

We believe in providing quality and experience to the growing market. We support innovative growing equipment and have trimming and cultivation solutions for the growing gardening world.

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