Spring Gardening Tips

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With all this extreme winter weather happening lately it is easy to forget that the 2019 Spring Season is rapidly approaching. This is certainly great news for all lovers of warmer climates, but it is especially poignant for outdoor growing vets and beginners alike. Here at ProCannaGro, we understand the importance of having proper prior planning to make sure you … Read More

What A Richer Garden Needs

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Many people start gardening as a hobby, just to kill time. But later on, they develop passion and intensity for nature’s work. If you have been doing gardening for some time now, then you might be aware of the fact that to pull out the amazing detailed work, you need the right garden tools as well. Gardening and horticulture go … Read More

The 5 P’s of Successful Gardening

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The ancient art of outdoor gardening has gone through many transformations and updates throughout the centuries, however there are some steadfast factors that will always hold true. Following a solid regimen is important whether you are a beginning grower or just looking to brush up on your existing skills. Look no further than the “5 P’s” and you’ll surely see … Read More