Product Review: DeBudder Bucket Lid

With so much at stake during the growing process, even seasoned pros sometimes need that extra push to make sure their harvests are completed quickly and properly. From pest management, to regular nutrition, humidity, to lighting – making sure all the steps are done correctly can be a tremendous task. Here at ProCannaGro, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible products to ensure you’re getting the most out of your buds, thereby yielding great quality medicine. 

Ask any experienced grower and they’ll surely tell you the most dreaded aspect of their process: Trimming. No matter how many skilled hands may be helping, it always seems like an impossible task, with a never ending pile of buds in front of you. With products such as the DeBudder Bucket Lid from the Original 420 Brand at your disposal, you’ll be cutting down total trim time while getting your cannabis ready for the next part of the trim cycle. 

Keep reading as we break down the features and effectiveness of the DeBudder Bucket Lid: 

Detailing the DeBudder Bucket Lid

Upon first inspection, this product has sleek design, is lightweight, and feels very solidly made.

Its interchanging grooves along the inside edge provide for the diversity of different types of cannabis. The DeBudder Bucket Lid is designed to fit on any standard 5 Gal garden bucket. You may have already been using these buckets for watering, storage, or hand-trimming, but now you can easily implement the DeBudder Bucket Lid into your routine. The DeBudder Bucket Lid covers almost half of the bucket top, thereby ensuring proper shucking with variously-sized buds. No permanent fixtures necessary;  the Lid stays on tight while you work and is easily removable when you’re finished. 

Wet Trimming with the DeBudder Bucket Lid

Some growers prefer to buck (or shuck) their buds prior to beginning the drying process. While there is no definitive ‘best’ way to harvest your cannabis (everyone has their own ideal set-up), there are certainly ways to prep your buds that will optimize and maximize your output. Perhaps the most important step is removing the big fan leaves prior to using either hand tools or machines. 

After doing this with our recently cut-down plants, we wanted to try the DeBudder Bucket Lid. Using the different grooves to maneuver different sized branches, the Lid proved to be effective in removing the wet buds without too much damage. While not exactly the intended use for this product, when the fan leaves are removed, the final appearance of the shucked buds was indeed stellar!  

Dry Trimming with the DeBudder Lid

For those growers that prefer waiting until the buds are more dry in order to start their trim process, this product is most ideal. Typically, depending on your temp/humidity levels, and the size and quantity of your cannabis, the initial drying process should take about a week. After you’ve cut your plants and hung them on trellis for an ample amount of time, you’re now ready to use the DeBudder Bucket Lid.  

The official DeBudder Bucket Lid tutorial video is a great introduction to using this product correctly. We decided to test the Lid on some freshly dried ChemDawg #4. Just as with the wet buds, we removed the fan leaves prior to drying, and bucking these dense buds with this product created clean, quickly processed cannabis that certainly retained its valuable terpenes and “hoppy-banana” flavor profile. 


Overall, the DeBudder Bucket Lid is sure to be a great addition to any grow – during our test runs, their stated benefits of “Up to 80% time savings, paying for itself in 30 min, and not damaging buds” were not only met, but exceeded!