May Gardening with ProCannaGro

Finally! We’ve gotten through the harshness of winter and the uncertainty of April, with it’s surprise chills, rain and ‘bomb cyclone’(?!) snow storms. By now you’ve been doing all your prep work mostly indoors to make sure your harvest starts off in proper fashion. With the warmer weather of May approaching, it is time to really ‘dig in’ outside and get those fruits, veggies, and cannabis going!

Keep reading for some choice PCG tips to ensure your harvest is tasty, bountiful and optimally satisfying.

What should I plant in May?

The beginning of May is the ideal time to start planting mild-weather vegetables; your peas, beans, corn, carrots, potatoes, lettuce and other similar veggies will do great if planted at this time. Wait a few weeks to plant warmer-weather vegetables such as melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Be sure to consider the eventual size of your plants when forming your rows and columns. Tomatoes, for example have the propensity to grow very large, as do cucumbers. Save yourself some extra pruning and provide your plants the breathing room they’ll imminently desire.

Also, it is crucial that you consider the path of the sun as it travels over your garden. Obstructions such as large trees, awkward fencing, house and shed shadows will hinder the growth of your burgeoning plants.

As discussed in our previous blog, this mindfulness carries over to cannabis grows as well. Outdoor crops will grow to be quite large, so be sure to plan ahead.

Purposeful, Healthy Watering

Outdoor growers will tell you to play very close attention to your watering cycle during the surprisingly hot May days that will appear, seemingly out of nowhere after the diversity of April. Relying solely on natural rain sources is not recommended because there just simply might not be enough water for your young plants. Having a hose of proper length (one that reaches the entirety of your garden), or a large easy to use water-bucket is vital to keeping your garden moist throughout and during heat waves. But most importantly: Never, ever overwater!

PCG Tip: To get rid of excess chlorine in your water, if you’ve got a large bucket or reservoir at your disposal simply dispense your desired amount of water a day prior to watering your garden. In this amount of time the chlorine will have dissipated, thereby giving you and your plants a healthier experience.

How can I ensure that my garden stays pest & weed free?

While you’ll never be completely free of some degree of unwanted creatures in your outdoor garden, there are ways to successfully contain them without breaking your back or your wallet. For those nasty slugs and snails that will surely make their presence known during this time, sprinkle some coffee (spent grounds or sprayed liquid) or eggshells with liberal doses throughout the garden. Be sure to cover the space beneath the stalk that leads to the roots.

Nip your garden weeds in the bud by taking care of them early. Springtime reawakening guarantees abundant and unwanted growth, so eliminate it right away and you’ll be eliminating some worries later. Use garden gloves to protect your hands from anything unpleasant that might be hiding in the weeds or in the soil.

Harvest Prep: New Product Alert!

Here at ProCannaGro, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible choices when it comes to their grows and harvests. Therefore we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Trimbag. Their Trimbag Premium Dry Trimmer is a great addition to any harvest operation. Users are able to easily customize the size of their batch, time in use, and number of rotations. It’s 3-min-per-batch trim time is unheard of in the current market, and this coupled with their easily collapsible design make the Trimbag a stellar choice for your dried bud. 

Keep following the ProCannaGro blog for more discussion on gardening, harvesting and everything in between, to make your ‘Zen garden’ flourish!