April Showers Bring Great Harvests: Gardening with ProCannaGro

The annual time of global reawakening has finally arrived, and we could not be more excited for the upcoming 2019 spring growing season. A healthy garden must always be on the mind of the steadfast gardener – and with so much to do, it is easy to become flustered when it comes to the proper ways to place, plant, and care for your fruits or veggies. Depending on where you’re positioned geographically, the weather patterns may not have fully settled into spring mode. However, for those who are feeling the warming rays of the sun peek out of the winter cold, it’s time to gear up your efforts and raise up your garden!

Zen Gardening

Feng shui, the ancient science of harmony and balance is not just a concept that works within your home. This philosophy can be transposed to your garden: an uncluttered and balanced equilibrium of plants, space, tools and trellis is the greatest step you can make to ensure optimal growth for your plants and satisfaction for yourself. Many experienced growers can attest that simply the process of caring for their plants brings them a level of inner Zen that they’ve previously never thought possible. So, take a walk outside and look at your garden. Take a deep breath and envision a bountiful harvest. We promise the journey will be stellar.

Garden Maintenance & Pest Prevention

Be sure to consider the projected final sizes and shapes of the plants you intend to harvest; creating ample space between your rows, cultivating the soil between, and making sure that every single individual plant is getting the sun and water access it requires (in April especially). Assessing the size of your garden and the climate before planting ensures that you yield just the right amount, and that no food or precious resources are wasted.

Next comes Pest Management. Outdoor gardens have many advantages, but being protected from a vast variety of insects is unfortunately not one of them. Even enclosed greenhouses are prone to having serious pest problems if not carefully monitored. Pest interference stunts your plants and makes your harvests suffer. Not to worry, however – proper pest control doesn’t have to be a headache and can also be done with as little to no toxins.

We recommend the organic Monterey Garden Insect Spray (Spinosad) which works quickly and controls many species of pests such as thrips, caterpillars, leafminers and more. Use a garden sprayer to mix the solution and then spray evenly on the plants, stems, and the soil between to ensure optimal coverage. Spray prior to planting and also regularly throughout the growth cycle.

Which fruits/veggies are optimal to plant in April?

There are of course many choices out there regarding which fruits or veggies to plant. It certainly depends a lot on your personal tastes, but there are indeed a few that really do well when planted as early as April. Some of these include but are not limited to: asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, peas, and carrots just to name a few. Crops that bloom in warmer weather (tomatoes, cucumbers etc.) should not be planted until May.

What basic steps can I take for a great outdoor cannabis grow & harvest?

The most important simple step that can be taken by outdoor cannabis growers is to allow and ensure your plant(s) enough space to flourish. Experienced growers will tell you that outdoor cannabis plants tower over their indoor counterparts, and therefore should be placed entirely clear of any obstructions that would hinder their enormous growth.

As above, so below – just as the branches need space to stretch, so do the roots. Be sure to place the plants in large pots if you’re growing above-ground, and if you’re growing directly in the soil be sure to inspect the ground thoroughly. Clumps, rocks, and any other hidden debris will cause the roots to be stifled. Also, as mentioned, we cannot stress enough the importance of timely pest management.

When it comes time to harvest, you’ll need the proper tools (of which there are many). When it comes to essentials that will help expedite your harvest process, look no further than the DeBudder Bucket Lid. This easy-to-use technology will make shucking your huge outdoor buds a breeze, all while maintaining their delicate structure and specific terpene profiles.