What is the “Sea of Green”

What is the Sea Of Green Growing Technique?

The sea of green growing technique is an alternative to growing a few plants for a longer period of time. Also, it involves growing more plants per square foot than you would plants with a longer vegetation and flower period. This method is great for a faster turn around without having to sacrifice too much in yields. Sea of green growing isn’t overly difficult and can even be taken on by novice growers.

Benefits of Using the Sea Of Green Growing Method

The first and major benefit of using the sea of green method is the faster turnaround time between harvests. With a shorter vegetation and flowering period sea of green grows harvest at a much faster rate. 

Another great benefit of using a sea of green grow method is the ability to have a year round harvest. With this method you can start one crop while another is maturing. This would allow for you to harvest throughout the year and maintain a continuous crop. 

The final major benefit of using this method to grow cannabis would be the energy costs. Since plants are maturing at a much faster rate they require less light. Less light required means savings on the energy bill that comes at the end of the month. Your wallet may thank you for using this method. 

How to Setup a SOG

Step 1

Germinate seeds or take cuts for clones. Place in pots with a diameter of 6 to 12 inches.  

Step 2

Grow using 18-24 hours of light until about a foot. (can go as short as 6 in). LED lights work great for indoor grows. 

Step 3

Space plants out so there are 1 or 2 plants per square foot taking up the space of the entire room. Change the light schedule to 12 hours on and 12 hours off to induce flowering.  

Step 4

Once a dense canopy is created, remove the lower branches shaded by the canopy. Can be used for clones or tossed. The important thing is the lower branches are removed so they don’t take nutrients away from the large top colas in a sea of green. 

Step 5

Harvest when ready. The amount of time is up to you. Make sure the top colas of the plant are mature before harvesting. 

Is The Sea of Green (SOG) Method Right For You?

The sea of green growing method can be right for a variety of people. From casual to commercial growers SOG can be used to benefit anyone’s growing process. The ease of this method allows for anyone to give it a go. While the method may be easy it doesn’t sacrifice yield or efficiency. It’s especially great for commercial grows allowing them to maximize space and turnaround without sacrificing yields from the plants. 

SOG vs Hydroponics

Sea of green is much more straightforward than a hydroponic grow system. Not only is it easier to set up, but a SOG will more than likely yield more as well. Hydroponic grows are great but a sea of green is a much more cost effective and efficient way of growing. 

SOG vs Outdoor Grow

Sea of green grows are quite different from an outdoor grow. Most SOGs are done indoors to produce a better quality bud. This also helps to eliminate pests that can be found more commonly in outdoor grows. 

Outdoor cannabis grows generally require more space than a SOG would. This is great for those who live on land and can afford the space. When it comes to yields the potential for outdoor growth is very high, but just as it is in most cases quality doesn’t come with quantity. Not to say you cannot produce quality outdoor cannabis, it is just easier to do so indoors in a controlled environment. 

Sea of Green method with autoflowers

Autoflowering seeds or clones are a great way to make a fast growing process like sea of green even faster. Autoflowering seeds do very well in a sea of green. Their fast growth process lends well to the layout of a SOG.

There are many benefits to using autoflowering seeds in a SOG. One of the benefits is the efficiency in which they grow. Another reason is a grower can have multiple harvest per year with turn around time this fast. Lastly autoflowering cannabis seed and a sea of green grow method greatly increase the energy efficiency of a grow. This ends up costing the grower less money at the end of each month on the electric bill. 

Sea of Green Method with clones

Another great way to do a Sea of green grow is with clones. Clones already have a headstart on germinated seeds in the vegetative stage. Generally rooted clones are already at least 3 to 4 inches in length. This allows for less time in the vegetative stage and a faster switch to flower once the clones reach at least 6 to 7 inches in height. 


How many plants do you need for sea of green?

Enough plants to fill the room with 1 to 2 plants per square foot. A good way to figure out the number of plants needed would be to multiply the square footage of your grow area by 1 and a half. 

What size pot will you need for your plants?

Look for pots with a diameter of 6-12 inches. Try and look for pots that allow for the best available airflow to the root system to avoid root rot. 

How Much does Sea of Green Plant Yield?

It depends on the size of the grow. The number of plants used in a sea of green usually counteracts the shorter vegitative period. Making the yields similar to a regular grow. 

What Sea Of Green Strains Are Great For Getting Started?

Indica strains tend to do best with the sea of green growing method. Try your favorite OG strain or something like a White Widow. 

Are there any cons to Sea of green growing?

Combining Indica and Sativa strains in one grow can be tricky. It takes longer to maintain the larger number of plants. Lastly, disease and or pests can spread quicker being that the plants are in a closer proximity to each other.