The True Cost of Trimming Cannabis

Trimming weed costs two things, time and/or money. When a harvest is ready cannabis needs to be dried and trimmed. Trimming weed can be a time consuming process, but it is a necessary step to ensure the best smoking experience. There are a number of ways to go about the trimming process and factors that go into deciding what method of trimming to use. 

How Do you “Trim” Cannabis?

Trimming cannabis can be done in a variety of methods. The first and classic approach to trimming weed is the use of trimming scissors and going over the buds manually for a more tailored trim. Using scissors is a great way to keep the natural shape of the buds as each cannabis strain is structured differently. The down side to trimming scissors is the time it takes to trim larger grows.

Another method of trimming cannabis is using a product like the Dubudder bucket lid. This fast and effective method of trimming is better for larger grows. However, it does take away the ability to finely trim your buds for a more tailored look. Many trimmers will use a Debudder Bucket Lid to speed up the process, and follow up with a pair of trimming scissors for precision control and care.

Finally, for larger, more commercial grows the use of machines helps to speed the trimming process up incredibly. Trimming machines are expensive, but greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to trim a large harvest. The down side to the automation of trimming machines is that it doesn’t allow you to follow the natural shape of the buds. 

Trimming Medium to Large Sized Cannabis Grows

When trimming medium to large scale cannabis grows there are a few things that can be done. It would take far too long for one person to do it on their own by hand. For someone with a larger grow, hiring help using a Debudder bucket lid, or a trimming machine are the best options when it comes time to trim a harvest. 

Scissor Trimming

Scissor trimming medium to large grows isn’t impossible. However, it is likely too much for one person to handle. Scissor trimming lets the buds keep their natural shape, while removing the leafy parts of the buds that impede their smell and taste. If scissor trimming is the method you really want to use for a larger grow consider hiring extra help to speed up the process.

Hiring Extra Help

Hiring extra help to trim a larger cannabis grow with scissors is one option when it comes to speeding up the weed trimming process. When hiring extra help make sure to follow all business practices to avoid any trouble with the law. 

Trimming Tools

Trimming tools are another option for tackling larger harvests. Products like the Debudder bucket lid are a great way to strip the branches of the cannabis plant of its buds. This process is much quicker than using the traditional trimming scissors to handle larger jobs. Other trimming tools are available for use as well. Companies make bags that you can put buds in and shake to remove the excess leaf from the cannabis. 

Machine Trimming

Using a machine to trim large commercial sized grows is almost necessary. Just like any large scale farm automation is your best friend when it comes to trimming pounds of cannabis. Machines are great because it allows growers to handle other tasks while the machine does the trimming work for them. 

Calculating the Cost of Trimming

An skilled scissor slinger will take between four to five hours to trim one pound of harvested cannabis. 

Generally, hired trimmers are paid per pound during trimming, plus they get to most likely keep some cannabis and scissor hash.

Quality Control

When trimming cannabis it is important to make sure that the process is done carefully and correctly. You do not want to lose product due to bad trimming. Make sure not to trim the buds too far back. This will take away the buds weight and cannabinoids. On the other hand make sure to remove all the leafy parts of the cannabis buds. If there is too much leaf left on the buds they will taste and smell like grass.  


Trimming cannabis is a process. Depending on your method of choice it can be a quick process or a slow one. Trimming with scissors takes the longest amount of time to properly trim a harvest. Whereas machine trimming takes the shortest period of time start to finish. 


If you choose to use scissors to trim large cannabis grows, it would be a good idea to hire extra labor to speed up the process. Using laborers to trim cannabis comes with the cost of hourly wage for each hired trimmer. This cost can add up depending on the minimum wage in your city and how many trimmers you choose to hire to do the job.