Spring Gardening Tips

With all this extreme winter weather happening lately it is easy to forget that the 2019 Spring Season is rapidly approaching. This is certainly great news for all lovers of warmer climates, but it is especially poignant for outdoor growing vets and beginners alike. Here at ProCannaGro, we understand the importance of having proper prior planning to make sure you achieve the biggest and best yield out of your harvest. Stressed already? Don’t be. These are a few simple steps growers of all sizes can take to get started on the right foot. As you near the end of the growing season, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your crop just by following these basic tips.

Starting Indoors

A common misconception for beginning growers is that the initial starting place of your young seeds, seedlings, or clones has to be directly in the outdoor soil. While there is logistically nothing wrong with this, if your goal is optimization, outdoor soil should actually be the second home for your plants. Starting your seeds indoors under stable conditions is ideally the best way to ensure a sturdy garden throughout all parts of the grow cycle. Getting through the winter months will make time for much needed initial growth, and when April peeks its head around the corner you’ll surely be ready for the outdoors. From vegetative to flowering, giving your plants a head start indoors will make a substantial difference in how fast you harvest, how healthy your plants are, and ultimately how much you will reap.

Preparing Your Medium

While you’re propagating and nurturing your indoor seeds, you could also be using that time to make sure that your garden space is ready for the season. If you live in a place with intermediate snowfall and temperatures that vary from warm to cold on any given week, you’re in luck. Since the ground isn’t completely frozen, and with minimal snowfall, you can use those unseasonably warm days to your advantage for the upcoming grow. Periodically mixing your outdoor soil with a shovel or other hand tool will go a long way to establishing a soil profile that has minimal clumping, and therefore will ensure an even distribution of water while giving the roots ample space to grow freely. If you’re continuing a garden from the prior year, be sure to also rid your space of all unnecessary waste, trellising, and leftover roots from the previous harvest. This will give your young plants the fresh start they’re craving.

Tips For Your Harvest

Perhaps the two most important tips we can give growers of all sizes are to pay attention to the plants themselves as they will signal the right time to be harvested, and to never, ever overwater. Not only does overwatering create problems such as root damage, it is also quite wasteful in our fragile and resource-deprived world.

For cannabis-specific growers, harvest time is the most exciting, stressful, and hopefully rewarding time of the year. Getting the biggest and most healthy looking buds out of your grow is half the battle; the other half is making sure your buds are harvested and cured properly. Our friends at Debudder Bucket Lid make your trimming faster and much more efficient with their products by ensuring beautifully shucked product that looks great and retains all its vital terpenes. Finishing with Debudder will preserve your freshly cut buds and make all the prior planning way more worth the effort.

Keep following the ProCannaGro blog for more information on the growing process. From products to industry happenings, we’ve got you covered on all the latest news! Happy Harvesting!