PCG Product Review: Speedee Trimmer

Providing our customers with the latest in cultivation technology means taking the time necessary in order to curate a selection featuring the best and most affordable products on the market. From the initial stages of the ‘Veg’ cycle, to the final finishing touches of post-harvest, finding the right tools for your grow can oftentimes be quite difficult. Luckily, with PCG in your corner you can feel confident that any company we work with is a trusted and tested brand.

In our previous blog we reviewed the stellar TrimBag: Dry Trimmer – its uses and overall effectiveness. In this month’s blog we’ll take a look at the Speedee Trimmer and its potential uses for harvests of various sizes. We made sure to try this product with both wet and dry buds with different humidity levels, paying close attention to quality and terpene/sugar retention.

Using the Speedee Trimmer on Wet Cannabis

speedee trim sabertooth wet trim bladeSpeedee Trim’s Trimmer is a time-saving automated wand specifically designed to tackle buds of various sizes and shapes. We tried the trimmer on some recently harvested cannabis first, in order to assess its efficiency on wetter buds. Perhaps the main advantages of this product are its easily insertable (and differentiated) blades.

We tried both the Butterfly Wet Trim Blade and the Sabertooth Wet Trim Blade, the former being more effective with tight spots on bigger nugs, and the latter being quite useful for shaping buds, removing fan leaves and other troublesome areas such as unwanted mold. The Speedee Trimmer is an elegant solution for your wet harvest mainly because of its ability to keep highly sought-after terpene profiles completely undisturbed. And, you never have to touch the plant with your hands!

Using the Speedee Trimmer on Dry Cannabis

speedee trim pirahna dry trim blade

Depending on your style of harvesting, you may be a grower that prefers to first hang untouched and untrimmed buds on a trellis. Then, only after your drying cannabis achieves the right level of humidity would you begin the process of manicuring your buds into their beautiful final selves. Classically this process is a long and arduous road requiring many hours and many skilled hands. However, while there can really be no substitute for gorgeous, hand-trimmed nugs, with large harvests this becomes nearly impossible.

We tried both the Piranha Dry Trim Blade and the P-2 Dry Trim Blade on our harvest that was hanging on the trellis for about 10 days, enough to achieve the necessary humidity. Since we had different shaped buds culled from various cultivars, having both blades certainly helped. The Piranha was highly effective for initial fan leaf removal, and the P-2 came in handy when wanting to manicure in hard-to-reach spots.

Pruning with the Speedee Trimmer

speedee trim hammerhead pruning bladeAnother amazing feature of the Speedee Trimmer is that it comes with a blade designed to help you prune your plants even before harvesting. The Hammerhead – Pruning Blade is a useful tool when removing branches and stems during the ‘Veg’ cycle and beyond. Ordinary garden shears may not be able to reach where you need them to, and many times they are unwieldy in large grows. Whether you’re a small, mid-sized, or large scale grower, Speedee’s Hammerhead blade is designed to help you in your efforts to make your cannabis the best it can be.

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