The 5 P’s of Successful Gardening

The ancient art of outdoor gardening has gone through many transformations and updates throughout the centuries, however there are some steadfast factors that will always hold true. Following a solid regimen is important whether you are a beginning grower or just looking to brush up on your existing skills. Look no further than the “5 P’s” and you’ll surely see a difference in the health of your plants, and in the quality/quantity of your harvests!


The first ‘P’ of successful gardening is knowing when to start the life-cycle of your plants. You want to be sure that your plants have ample time to mature before any factors such as frost, or other extreme climate conditions have a chance to hinder positive growth.


Another crucial factor for all gardeners to consider is the positioning of their plants in relation to their growing environments. Be sure to leave plenty of room in the soil when planting new seeds/seedlings/clones, and also make certain to have enough spread between your plants so as not to risk overcrowding.


The third ‘P’ of successful gardening is knowing when and how to prune your plants.  Timely and strategic manipulation of branches and budding nodes will lead to a more robust harvest.

Proper Watering

Most beginning growers assume that feeding (or watering) your garden should be handled with a “the more the better” philosophy, however, it is a bit more involved than that. Too much water may cause root rot and stunt the plants, and too little water will leave your plants dried and shocked, causing plant death.

Pest Control

The last ‘P’ of successful gardening is nevertheless extremely crucial. Depending on your geographical location, you may have a variety of garden pests that cause many different plant ailments to contend with, therefore timely prevention and pest management will ensure your harvest goes smoothly.

Follow “The 5 P’s of Successful Gardening” and your garden will thank you, while you reap the benefits!