About Us

Innovative Farming Equipment For Optimal Results

We Foster Technology

ProCannaGro takes pride in staying up to date with the latest in horticulture and grow technology in the industry. Our global distributors, partners, and advisors keep the most innovative and effective farming equipment in our inventory.

We Pursue Excellence

We want our customers to continue to move forward in their business while incorporating the best practices in their methods. We love to hear feedback from our customers to see how our equipment has helped their efforts, while seeking critical feedback on ways to constantly improve our products and processes. Our customer support team is always happy to assist with any questions, comments, or concerns about our products.

Business with You

We cherish our business relationships and strongly believe the best results are created through thoughtful collaboration. We recognize the unique distinctiveness of each grow. We have the wisdom and experience to help personalize your process to utilize the particular tools necessary to achieve your desired outcome. We pledge to be transparent, professional, and helpful throughout your entire experience. Let’s work together to increase one another’s greatness!

We Create Opportunity

We have worldwide partnerships and distribution capabilities. Not only does ProCannaGro provide a streamlined, user-friendly platform for the acquisition and sale of innovative farming equipment, we take it another step beyond, by assisting in making the introductions you need to make your operation a success. Once you are a member of the ProCannGro family, you are a part of our network, for life. Buy, sell, learn, network, save, and increase revenues!

Have a potential product you’d like us to look at for our portfolio?